Faster and More Reliable Revenue

Addiction treatment industry experts with a sustainable approach to revenue cycle management

Streamlining Your Revenue Cycle

We partner with you to take on the roles needed to increase your billing and streamline your processes. We know the treatment industry, and can prevent problems with your claims before they happen.

no claim left behind

The Meru team will take the time to closely review your denied claims and aging receivables so you know you have never left any revenue unclaimed.

Creating Real Relationships

Building positive relationships with insurance companies is a key to maintaing fast and reliable reimbursements. We leverage positive rapport for easier UR and less denials.

Our meticulous approach to addiction treatment billing services leaves no stone left unearned.

W e know what it takes to meet the requirement of ‘medical necessity’, and we work with you to make sure that we are able to build claims that clearly show the claim deserves to be paid.

Our team has years of experience managing utilization review in the addiction treatment space, and has a history of increasing the percentage of claims paid.

Meru is dedicated to making sure you feel comfortable through every step of the revenue cycle. We provide detailed reports and transparency that makes the process stress-free.

What We Do

  • Consultations – We provide efficient and friendly management, from start to finish. The behavioral healthcare industry can be complicated to navigate. Sometimes the right guidance can make all the difference.
  • Utilization Review – Acting as a third-party component, we make UR and billing a seamless process, streamlining your operations and making them more sustainable.
  • Verification and Explanation of Benefits – Navigating the revenue cycle and working with insurers is difficult; we have you covered, from VOB to EOB.

Who We Serve

Meru Billing is built upon a foundation of behavioral healthcare experience.

We can guide your financial climb, letting you focus on what is most important, the success of your clients. 



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