About Us

Unmatched Passion

Meru Billing emphasizes quality work in all that we do. Maximization of patient authorization and reimbursement is a challenging task in an ever-changing market landscape. Anyone, for example, can open billing software, punch in CPT and Revenue codes, and hit the submit button. Anyone can also read from a clinical document to a case manager in hope of achieving more treatment days. Not everyone has within themselves, however, the passion it takes to do more than baseline billing services.


Nobody else has our passion to do more than baseline billing services for the addiction treatment industry.


Meticulous Focus on Your Best Interests

Meru Billing continually stresses the significance of hard, honest work in every aspect of our process to achieve peak results. The metaphor between hiking the epic Meru mountain and billing is a paradigm shift in revenue cycle management thinking. Attention to detail lies within every step of our processes and is a virtue that has allowed us to achieve exceptional results for our customers.

It is our goal to not only elevate the number of days authorized for each and every patient, giving them greater access to treatment and more time to discover wellness, but to maximize reimbursements for your company, allowing your company to expand and do more for your patients.



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Colorado Springs, CO