Meet Our Staff

Christian Pantoja

Chief Consulting Officer

Christian Pantoja is our chief consulting officer. Christian’s career in revenue cycle management began in 2014 after finding his passion in utilization review. Christian thrives on providing excellent services to our client’s, and has much respect for the details of the work we do at Meru Billing. His interest in utilization review and billing increased when he noticed that there were areas of untapped potential within the facilitation of these services. Christian noticed that most providers are passively relaying clinical information to insurance carriers in a way that isn’t best supporting continued stay criteria for the patient population they are advocating for. Christian has dedicated a large part of his career to studying the different medical necessity criteria guidelines that each insurance carrier adheres to, and has learned to utilize this information in an effort to obtain the maximum number of authorized days from payer sources. Moreover, he has spent much of his time identifying trends within the industry and utilizing those trends to maximize the potential of the providers we work with.

Christian is results driven, but process oriented. He has developed a system that each provider who works with Meru Billing benefits from, that includes a quality assurance component, access to industry trends taken from years of accumulated data, a trusting, first-name basis relationship with insurance carriers, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Christopher Burns

Chief Operating Officer

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Brandon Burns

Chief Operating Officer

brandon Burns is the Chief Operating Officer for Meru Billing. His interest in billing is directly correlated to prior experiences with third party billing companies that had cost substance use disorder facilities hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. From patients stealing and cashing checks, to decreasing authorization of days, to inappropriate reimbursement tactics, he recognizes the incredible need for quality utilization review and billing.

Billing companies today focus on quantity and utilize fear tactics to keep customers trapped in disorganized billing cycles that cost companies millions of dollars per year across this country. Further, the lack of quality compromises relationships between providers and payers. Brandon is actively engaged with building relationships with treatment owners and billing companies across the country to better understand the direction of the industry and stay on the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

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Andrew Maloof

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Maloof is the Chief Marketing Officer at Meru Billing. Prior to this role, Andrew has worked in the behavioral and mental health field since 2014. He has worked as the Director of Business Development and the Director of Marketing at two different nationally recognized treatment centers. His passion for this industry comes from a desire to help others in their journey for recovery.

Andrew’s role at Meru Billing allows him to assist his clients in maximizing their potential resulting in the best care for their clients. His experience working in treatment and his frustration with low authorizations and reimbursements has driven him to make a difference. Andrew believes that Meru Billing has the potential to change the culture of the treatment industry for the better.

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