What We Do

Meru Billing provides revenue cycle management services to behavioral health providers seeking to optimize reimbursement through effective and progressive utilization management and billing.


Full Spectrum of Billing Services:


Having worked as behavioral health providers, we know how to manage an efficient program. At Meru, we can help you improve already established in-house operations to keep you moving effectively and efficiently.

Utilization Review

By deploying our team as a third-party component, we can relieve you of all Utilization Review and billing work.

Verification to Explanation of Benefits

From the beginning to the end, our team will work tirelessly to manage your revenue cycle. Managing a treatment center can be difficult. Let us help you focus on your clients.

Minimizing Errors is Our Wheelhouse

Your Guides for Ever-Evolving Insurance Regulations

With an ever-changing industry, you need someone with diligent care plus knowledge of your field to help you stay up to date with new rules. As insurance providers begin to decrease their coverage, you need even more to eliminate clerical errors or outdated information.

For this, our staff provides you with:

  • Pre-authorization and clinical admissions requirements
  • Estimates for reimbursements
  • Co-payments/Co-insurance
  • Out-of-pocket responsibilities
  • Patient policy deductibles
  • Benefit limits



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