Who We Serve

Our clients are those also on a mission: behavioral health treatment centers with specialties in substance abuse recovery to mental health services.

We help you so you can better help your clients.

At Meru Billing, our 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field gives us the expertise needed to best navigate your billing requirements. You can rest assured that we know firsthand what your needs are.

What you do is more than behavioral healthcare.

what we do is more than billing services

Your billing company should do more than just guide the benefits process. At Meru Billing, we form partnerships and understand your mission.

We are here for long-term results, with diligent and friendly staff. Our full-service management will leave “no stone left unearned.”

Our meticulous and caring process will ease your mind and keep you focused on your clients.

Your clients are your focus, and they need your attention. Let us keep you on course with our meticulous approach to billing.



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Colorado Springs, CO